Student networking can enhance your brand

With over 50 million students in the Indian community, here’s your chance to reach out to them.

Discover an Organic Way To Engage With Gen-Z And Millenials

Convert students into brand evangelists by tapping into their networks.


Create Brand Missions

Rewards and other goodies on completion of various tasks will foster a healthy work environment.

Interactive Sessions

Workshops and other frequent group activities will help the team to bond, work efficiently and produce substantial results.

Market your brand

Strategize and effectively manage your brand so as to compete with other firms on similar search platforms.

Missions are fun, interactive and challenging

Setup your mission in minutes and start engaging with the youth of India.
Get dedicated support from the Interncell team to ensure campaign success.

Incentivize your missions!

Adding incentives and rewards to various tasks will not only lead to an increased participation of the youth but will also result to efficient results and innovative solutions.

Foster a healthy work environment and team spirit by adopting these ingenious solutions.

Assign reasonable deadlines

Overambitious deadlines sees the student failing to meet them, getting demotivated and being caught up in the vicious circle. ‘Slow and Steady’. Abiding by the age old homage will gradually raise the interest and dedication of the student towards the job at hand.

Intervals And Frequency

Keep in mind that the aim of the exercise is not to over-fatigue the student or to demotivate him. A sufficient interval between two tasks, a manageable frequency and an effective reward system will see your firm grow leaps and bounds in terms of productivity and quality.