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How it works

With the help of our algorithms, we provide you with the most appropriate of choices- both in terms of quality and area of interest. Additional features like student information  and constant updates in terms of active openings increase the effectiveness of the search query, its direct implication being a HIGHER SUCCESS RATE as compared to other platforms.


Post Your Job

The interface we provide you empowers you to post job/internship openings and opportunities as a company or as an individual. Our wide network of students who actively use the platform will ensure that the job opening does not go unnoticed, allowing for a selection of candidate as per your company requirements. Know More »

Let the Candidate Search You

Enabling tags and hyperlinks, we compartmentalize the search queries into various sub-headings and fields so as to narrow down the search spectrum for both the aspirant and the employer. This model also allows for the aspirant to obtain the job opportunity based on his search query, thus ultimately it is only the interested applicants who will apply for a particular opening. Know More »

Accept Candidate Resume

By providing an interface for direct contact between the aspirant and the employer, we ensure a deeper insight in the profile of the student- be it academics, extracurriculars or other fields of interest. This allows you to narrow down your field for selection of applicants- upholding both quality and requirement of the firm.Know More »

Hiring For The Future? Here’s How To.

We help you select candidates with the support of leading acquisition tools for scouting candidates who have definite career options in vision.

Having troubles shortlisting students? Our leading acquisition tools and scouting services provide your firm with candidates who have a clear vision in terms of the field of internship which they want to progress in.

Below, we have formulated a list of plausible options which should be kept in mind while creating job/internship opportunities.

  • Attract the best of candidates by bringing employer branding strategy into life.

  • Connect with our interface so as to not miss out on important communication with the candidate, as is often the case.

  • Mention clearly the nature of work the candidate will be expected to perform during his internship/job so as to prevent any misunderstandings. Also, provide all the necessary information; it will create a strong impression about the professionalism of the firm.

  • Be sure to regularly visit Interncell and update the status regarding the opportunities. Our algorithms ensure that the most recent updates appear higher on the search queries in comparison to the less regularly updated.

Standing Out From The Rest

As competitive it is between candidates, all of whom are bidding for the same job, it is equally on-edge between companies on online-portals. However, in order to edge out over the competitors, it is very important to deploy a strong brand managing strategy.
Regular updates and notifications, a well-connected interface and using the leverage our teams’ expertise provide you with, you can create immersive brand experiences via custom videos, branded content and informative research to achieve hiring your goals.

Post Your Job

Our integrated approach

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Take charge of the future by publishing jobs on our platform. By changing the filter criteria, you can ensure as to which aspirants can view the posting and apply for it.


Constant updates of job openings and internship opportunities will help you foster the relationship with future aspirants. Strong roots facilitate for a better rapport and job environment for the employee, increasing the quality of your research.


Active student helpline portals and increasing the outreach of the firm ensures a better engagement with the future employee. A good recommendation by the word of mouth always goes a long way in increasing the reputation of the firm.

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Trusted by more than 600 of the world's best employers

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Trusted by more than 600 of the world's best employers

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Trusted by more than 600 of the world's best employers